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Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat


Often find yourself needing to take a seat every once in a while?

This handy gadget is going to be an absolute relief for your weariness!



The Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat is a foldable chair you can install on your wall. This gives you easy access to a seat whenever it's needed, like for when you're in the bathroom and the floor is slippery or when you're putting your shoes on in the hallway. This is especially useful for elderly people as they cannot stand on their feet for too long. Give yourself the peace of mine today for you and your loved ones by ordering a Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat today!




  • SAFE: The Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat features a non-slip seat that provides much-needed stability. For elderly people, in particular, a product like this could prevent unnecessary injuries and falls. Protect yourself and your loved ones today! 
  • VERSATILE: Install the Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat anywhere you need to! A product like this is useful in bathrooms, hospital rooms, nursing homes, nurseries, dressing rooms, and any other places where you might need to take a seat.
  • SPACE-SAVING: When not in use, the Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat can easily be folded into the wall so as not to block anyone's way.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply wipe off the surface with a wet cloth and it's good to go!
  • DURABLE: When properly installed, this sturdy and reliable contraption can bear up to 286.60 lb (130 kg) in weight! You'll definitely be in good hands with the Wall Mounted Bathroom Seat!




  • 2 x countersunk screw
  • 1 x left trim
  • 2 x support bolt
  • 1 x aluminum body
  • 2 x fixed bracket
  • 5 x expanding screw
  • 1 x bracket panel
  • 1 x right trim
  • 1 x body decoration
  • 1 x bulk spacer
  • 1 x user manual




  • Measurement

  • Material: aluminum alloy, ABS plastic