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Walking Cane and Chair


This thing helps you walk and relax your tired feet!

Don't be afraid to keep moving with this product on hand!


The Walking Cane and Chair is an ingenious 2-in-1 device. When folded, it functions as a walking cane that you can use to balance yourself and help you move around. When unfolded (and it does this quite easily), it turns into a mini chair that you can sit on for when you're weary. This product would work great for elderly people!

Your safety is important to us! This product will surely sturdy enough to handle your weight. It can help you walk and lounge with its comfortable grips and seats. You can take this with you wherever you need to go for your ultimate convenience.

Grab one now!


  • CONVENIENT: Do you get tired quickly and easily? This Walking Cane and Chair is an amazing device for people like you. Not only does it function as a walking cane so you have some support and balance, it also functions as a chair so you can rest your feet every once in a while!
  • PORTABLE: This Walking Cane and Chair is incredibly lightweight and will be very easy to take around. This product is perfect for when you're touring the city, attending a concert, going to a picnic, or even just chilling around!
  • COMFORTABLE: The grip you have on the walking cane is very comfortable. You will have no issues using it to help you walk around. As a chair, the seat is also quite comfortable! It will not make you sore.
  • DURABLE: The Walking Cane and Chair is heavy-duty and extremely sturdy. It can handle up to 286.60 lb (130 kg) in weight! Isn't it such a strong product? You will be in good hands.


  • 1 x Walking Cane and Chair


  • Measurement:32.68 x 8.07" (83 x 20.5 cm)
  • Weight: 2.27 lb (1.03 kg)
  • Material: ABS, aluminum alloy
  • Maximum Weight: 286.60 lb (130 kg)