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Universal 720° Faucet Head
Universal 720° Faucet Head
Universal 720° Faucet Head
Universal 720° Faucet Head
Universal 720° Faucet Head

Universal 720° Faucet Head

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Washing and cleaning up has never been easier!

This product elevates your faucet to the next level!



The Universal 720° Faucet Head is an easy-to-install faucet head that features a long and flexible nozzle. This nozzle can be turned any which way you'd like, allowing you to control the flow of the water! The strength of the water flow can also be adjusted to ensure minimal splash and clean-up. Install these in your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of your house!

Get the Universal 720° Faucet Head for yourself today!




  • ADJUSTABLE: The Universal 720° Faucet Head comes with two adjustable modes depending on your needs! The first mode is the splash-proof mode which is perfect for washing your hands and brushing your teeth. The shower mode, on the other hand, is perfect for washing dishes and clothes!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Universal 720° Faucet Head fits most, if not all, faucets! Start off by removing the existing faucet head from your faucet and replacing it with your new faucet. It's that simple!
  • FLEXIBLE: The Universal 720° Faucet Head, like the name suggests, actually rotates 720°! It can rotate sideways, upwards, and back and forth! Control exactly where the water should go for your utmost convenience.
  • RESOURCEFUL: You won't have to use more water than necessary with the Universal 720° Faucet Head! Because this product is both flexible and adjustable, you end up saving water by directing the water exactly where it needs to go—nothing more, nothing less!
  • CLEAN: The handy splash-proof feature of the Universal 720° Faucet Head ensures that water won't just be splashing all over you and the sink! This limits the area the water flow touches and makes for a very dry and clean sink. The flexibility of the nozzle also makes cleaning the sink so much easier!




  • Measurement

  • Material: brass, ABS




  • 1 x Universal 720° Faucet Head