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Tummy Shaper Panty


Wanna have a shapelier figure and tuck that tummy? 

You're going to look amazing with this product. 



This Tummy Shaper Panty is just what you need to complete your look. This product tucks your tummy in to give you that slimmer figure instantlyrock your tight dress or jeans with confidence today with the Tummy Shaper Panty!




  • FULL COVERAGE: The Tummy Shaper Panty not only covers your tummy, but also your waist and back. 100% guaranteed full coverage for that slimmer and curvier look!
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Say goodbye to uncomfortable corsetsthe Tummy Shaper Panty is as breathable and comfortable to wear as it can be. A silicone strip along the rim of the product also prevents it from rolling downwards.
  • SEAMLESS: The Tummy Shaper Panty's seamless design ensures that it won't be visible through your form-fitting clothes. Feel free to rock that bodycon dress!
  • EASY TO WASH: This amazing product is machine-washable and dryer-safe.



  • 1x Tummy Shaper Panty


  • Material: cotton, nylon
  • Measurements
    • XS/S
      • Recommended Weight: 88.18-110.23 lb (40-50 kg)
      • Recommended Waist: 22.05-25.98" (56-66 cm)
    • M/L
      • Recommended Weight: 110.23-132.28 lb (50-60 kg)
      • Recommended Waist: 25.98-29.92" (66-76 cm)
    • XL/2XL
      • Recommended Weight: 132.28-165.35 lb (60-75 kg)
      • Recommended Waist: 29.92-35.04" (76-89 cm)
    • 3XL
      • Recommended Weight: 165.35-198.42 lb (75-90 kg)
      • Recommended Waist: 35.04-40.16" (89-102 cm)
    • 4XL
      • Recommended Weight: 198.42-242.51 lb (90-110 kg)
      • Recommended Waist: 40.16-45.28" (102-115 cm)