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Super Cleaning Sponge
Super Cleaning Sponge

Super Cleaning Sponge

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Is your car interior and electronic equipment filled up with dust and debris that you can't get rid of it?

Our Super Cleaning Sponge is just what you need! It’s a non-toxic, blob of goo that helps scoop up dust and dirt from hard-to-reach crevices! It's an effective way to eliminate germs and remove dust/dirt.


  • Extensive usage and reusable - The sponge can be reused without any cleaning. Just put it in the bag and seal it for later use!
  • High-quality cleaning - The Super Cleaning Sponge is a simple and convenient cleaning solution for PC/laptop keyboard and other rugged surface cleaning such as car vents, cameras, cell phones, calculators, speakers, and monitors.
  • Environmentally-friendly material - Made from biodegradable gel, it won’t leave anu residue on the items you’re cleaning. This helps make it not stick to your hands and even has a sweet with lemon fragrance.
  • Easy to use & quickly removes dust This sponge can be used over 1000 times until its color turns to dark.

Extremely easy to use! Just lay the Super Cleaning Sponge on any surface that you want to clean, press it down 2-3 times, and then lift it up! All dust, dirt, and hairs will be picked up!

Note: Do not use with wet hands, please. Keep away from direct sunlight and keep dry (inside the storage case).