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Squeezy Baby Spoon


Wishing feeding time with the baby could be a little less messy?

Parents, you definitely need to try this out!



The Squeezy Baby Spoon is about to make feeding your child an absolute breeze! It is a handy device that functions both as a food container and a spoon. Simply squeeze the device when the spoon needs to be refilled—no fuss, no hassle. Convenient, isn't it?




  • SAFE: The Squeezy Baby Spoon is made entirely off of food-grade PP and silicone that is completely safe for your baby to use. It is both non-toxic and odorless. Furthermore, the small hole the puree comes out of ensures that no large particles can come out and potentially harm your baby.
  • CLEAN: We know how messy feeding your baby can be, especially when they've only started to eat semi-liquid foods! It almost seems like the food ends up everywhere but your baby's mouth! With the Squeezy Baby Spoon, however, you're less prone to spillage and all the mess that comes with feeding time.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply unscrew the top of the Squeezy Baby Spoon and pour in your mixture. Liquid and semi-liquid foods are completely fine! When feeding starts, gently squeeze the body to squeeze out some of the mixture onto the spoon. That's all you need to do!
  • CONVENIENT: You've got a bowl and spoon two-in-one with the Squeezy Baby Spoon. This saves you quite a bit on cleaning up and washing!




  • 3 x Squeezy Baby Spoon


  • Measurement: 7.68 x 2.17" (19.5 x 5.5 cm)
  • Material: PP, silicone
  • Volume: 3.04 oz (90 mL)