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Plug and Cable Holders


Organize all wires in your home today!

Protect yourself from unnecessary injuries!



If you've got a lot of wires you need organizing, the Plug and Cable Holders is your best bet. They are stuck onto the wall, so rather than having your wires all over the floor, they can be hung out of anyone's way! Have a tidier and safer house today.




  • ORGANIZING: The technological world we live in now means that we have a lot of gadgets and lot of wires to keep track of in our home. It can get annoying figuring out which wire is which and disentangling them from other wires! With the Plug and Cable Holders, you can now easily keep track of all your plugs and cables.
  • SAFE: Keep your plugs and cables off the floor! It's so easy to trip and injure yourself if you're not careful where you step. These Plug and Cable Holders are mounted on the wall so your wires are hung up rather than left on the floor.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Each of these holders comes with a sticker on the back. Make sure the walls are clean before application! Carefully peel off the sticker tab and press onto the wall. That's itno tools necessary!
  • VERSATILE: These Plug and Cable Holders don't just hold your plugs and cables—they can also hold toothbrushes, bags or jewelry! They are strong enough to hold a variety of objects!




  • 5 x Plug and Cable Holders


  • Measurement

  • Material: plastic