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Piggy Bathtub Toy


Does your child get nervous during bath time?

Why not have a cute, little friend to play along with them?



The Piggy Bathtub Toy is an incredibly adorable and fun bathtub toy that will make taking baths so much fun for your kid. This pig can actually float and swim around with its built-in propellers! Create some loving memories between you, your child, and this cute little piggy today!




  • BATH COMPANION: This sweet little piggy is going to make bath time incredibly fun for your little one. He has a string attached on the back that makes him swim around, and he can even squirt water out his nose!
  • FUN & CUTE: Who wouldn't want a piggy friend? The Piggy Bathtub Toy is incredibly adorable for children of all ages and fun to play with. He'll definitely keep your kids company as they bathe!
  • SQUISHY: The Piggy Bathtub Toy is made of high-quality ABS material that is soft to the touch and won't hurt your child at all. Even the propellers are safe! This toy can even be chewed on by your little one if they're teething!
  • SAFE: The Piggy Bathtub Toy is made of non-toxic and odorless material that is completely safe for your child to play with. Your family's safety is our utmost priority!




  • 1 x Piggy Bathtub Toy


  • Measurement

  • Material: ABS