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Mini Kiddie Toilet
Mini Kiddie Toilet
Mini Kiddie Toilet

Mini Kiddie Toilet

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Potty training has never been easier.

This product will make your toddler love going to the bathroom!



The Mini Kiddie Toilet is a mini version of your standard, adult toilet, which can be rather big and daunting for a small child. It's a great potty training device as it is the perfect size for your toddler to practice using a real toilet. It's also incredibly easy to clean so parents will have less to worry about. Potty train your kids today with your very own Mini Kiddie Toilet!




  • REALISTIC: The Mini Kiddie Toilet looks and feels just like a real toilet! This is a great potty training item as it's both great practice for when they start using the real thing and a great motivation as it makes them feel like big boys and girls.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Mini Kiddie Toilet features a very soft PVC toilet cushion that is easy on your child's skin. Trust us, they're going to love potty training with this handy product!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The basin inside the Mini Kiddie Toilet is extremely easy to clean. Simply line it with a plastic bag so that when the time comes for it to be cleaned, the plastic bag can be easily replaced with another plastic bag.
  • CONVENIENT: There is actually a large compartment at the back of the Mini Kiddie Toilet! You can place some items in there that would be helpful to your child's potty training like toilet roles, baby wipes, and extra underwear.
  • ANTI-SKID:  There are several TPE anti-slip strips on the bottom of the Mini Kiddie Toilet. This ensures that the toilet won't be moving around while your child does their business.




  • 1 x Mini Kiddie Toilet


  • Measurement

  • Material: PP, PVC