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Layered Spice Rack
Layered Spice Rack
Layered Spice Rack
Layered Spice Rack
Layered Spice Rack
Layered Spice Rack

Layered Spice Rack

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Needing to organize your spices and seasonings?

This is a beautiful spice rack that is both efficient and beautiful!



The Layered Spice Rack is a four- or five-layered spice rack you can use to fill with spices. It can be easily separated from one another by pushing them to the sidethis makes your spices super accessible with no hassle! If you're a fan of cooking, you're definitely going to want the Layered Spice Rack by your side.




  • COMPACT: Have your commonly used spices in one handy container! The Layered Spice Rack comes with four or five large-capacity compartments. You can store your spices in them so that whenever you need to season or garnish your food, your spices will be right there and ready!
  • ORGANIZING: Tired of your spices just laying around? Sick of having to rummage through your cabinets and drawers just to find the one you need? As mentioned, the Layered Spice Rack has several compartments for you to store your spices in. Know exactly where your spices are when you need them!
  • CONVENIENT: The four or five layers of this kitchen device actually rotates. It can be easily pushed to the side for easy access to your spices! This product also comes with mini spoons you can use to scoop up your spices.
  • DURABLE: This spice rack is strong! It would have to be to securely hold up all of your seasonings. The Layered Spice Rack is made of premium ABS plastic and stainless steel that is extremely sturdy and reliable.
  • AESTHETIC: Just look how beautiful the glass compartments look! It is transparent so you can easily see what's inside. This will make your kitchen look really elegant and sophisticated.




  • 1 x Layered Spice Rack
  • 4/5 x mini spoons


  • Measurement

  • Material: ABS, glass, stainless steel
  • Layers: 4 or 5