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Hip & Pelvis Correction Belt


Are your hips and pelvis killing you?

Wanna know how you can get better posture? 



The Hip & Pelvis Correction Belt is an amazing device that's going to make you feel brand-new again. It specifically targets and improves your hips and pelvic area. Not only does it correct your alignment and posture, it helps to reduce pain in your lower back and lifts up the muscles to make it look perky and firm!




  • CORRECTING: Improper posture in your hips and pelvic area can lead to some serious consequenceslower back pain and knee pain are just some of them! It's vital that one uses the Hip & Pelvis Correction Belt as soon as possible to correct and prevent serious damage to your muscles and bones.
  • TONING: Not only does it correct, it also tones! Enjoy a shapelier tummy, hip, and butt with this product. The slimming effect it has is amazing!
  • COMFORTABLE: The Hip & Pelvis Correction Belt is totally breathable and will not be uncomfortable to wear. It also conforms to your body type, so you can easily wear under your regular clothes.
  • ADJUSTABLE: This product features three rows of hooks for your convenience. Wrap the Hip & Pelvis Correction Belt as loosely or as tightly as you want!



  • 1x Hip & Pelvis Correction Belt


  • Measurement

  • Material: polyester