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Hamburger Hexagon Press
Hamburger Hexagon Press
Hamburger Hexagon Press
Hamburger Hexagon Press

Hamburger Hexagon Press

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Get juicy, delicious hamburger patties in an instant!

This makes getting the perfect hamburger so easy and quick!



The Hamburger Hexagon Press is a silicone mold that features seven hexagonally-shaped molds. Use this product to evenly mold your meat mixture and turn them into very well done hamburger patties. When the mold is done creating them, simply pull one out, pop one on the grill and enjoy!

You definitely need the Hamburger Hexagon Press in your kitchen, so grab one now!




  • CONVENIENT: The Hamburger Hexagon Press is an absolute boss when it comes to make evenly-sized hamburgers. When done properly, the hamburgers are so tightly packed that they don't just fall apart when on the grill! Get the perfect hamburger today!
  • TIME-SAVING: The Hamburger Hexagon Press saves you a lot of time by with its large capacity. Simply pour your meat mixture into the mold, press it down, and watch as seven burgers appear before your very eyes! This is great for parties, barbecues, dinners, and more!
  • COMPACT: The Hamburger Hexagon Press measures at 9.25 x 1.06" (23.5 x 2.7 cm) and can be stacked on top of another in the fridge. It does not take up too much space in the freezer or refrigerator at all!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Hamburger Hexagon Press is made of flexible silicone that is very easy to clean after every meal prepping session. Simply run the product under some running water and wash with dish soap to get it ready for the next hamburger party!




  • Measurement: 9.25 x 1.06" (23.5 x 2.7 cm)
  • Material: silicone




  • 1 x Hamburger Hexagon Press