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GrowBox Mini Farm Kit

GrowBox Mini Farm Kit

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Start your mini farm-at-home now!

The GrowBox Mini Farm Kit is a new hydroponic solution that lets you cultivate and harvest up to 50 edible plants in an indoor environment.

✅ Weather-proof so your crops will grow at any season!

✅ Space-saving, perfect for any home and even tight apartments!

✅ Fewer trips to the market and save from costly groceries!

Our GrowBox Mini Farm Kit has everything you need to begin your green thumb journey at home. Anyone can grow on a budget, without prior experience!


🌱 YEAR-ROUND GROWTH — Grows 50% faster than soil! You can grow and harvest any fruits and vegetables even throughout the coldest months!

🌱 SPACE-SAVING — The frame only measures 3.5 ft high and 3.2 ft wide and can fit most spaces. Start your own mini farm even at a corner of your home or even at the terrace.

🌱 QUICK ASSEMBLY — Just attach all parts. No skills and tools required! You can also disassemble it in a jiffy in case you need to transfer your mini-farm.

🌱 SUPER EASY — Even kids and the most inexperienced gardener can quickly start their own farm at home. There’s no need to worry about sunlight or water because the whole system is optimized and automated.

🌱 FRESH CROPS ALL THE TIME — No need to worry about carcinogenic pesticides as you control exactly what goes into your personal farm! 


  • Materials: Non-toxic PVC frame (36 grow holes)
  • Frame Size: 3.5 ft high, 3.2 ft wide, 1.5 ft deep
  • Grow Medium Size: 1.1 in diameter


1 X PVC Frame
1 x Grow Mediums Set
1 x Water Pump