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Easy-Fix Clip Zippers
Easy-Fix Clip Zippers
Easy-Fix Clip Zippers
Easy-Fix Clip Zippers

Easy-Fix Clip Zippers

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This is an instant fix to all of your zipper problems!

 Simply snap it on and watch as the unzipped zips!



Why throw out perfectly good clothes and accessories just because the zipper's broken? The Easy-Fix Clip Zippers are a set of six (6) clip-on zippers that were designed to help you fix up any broken or separated zippers. Simply choose the most appropriately sized zipper and clamp it on the broken zipper to zip it up!

Grab the Easy-Fix Clip Zippers for yourself today!




  • CONVENIENT: The Easy-Fix Clip Zippers are the solution to broken zippers and separated teeth! Simply use this product to replace broken zippers that cannot be used anymore, or close zippers that have been separated.
  • EASY TO USE: The Easy-Fix Clip Zippers are incredibly easy to use! Simply open up the clip and clamp it down between the two sides of the zipper. Press down firmly to close and then pull as normal to zip up!
  • VERSATILE: The Easy-Fix Clip Zippers come in three sizes1.42/1.34/1.10" (3.6/3.4/2.8 cm). These zippers are compatible with most, if not all, sizes of zippers and would definitely work well for coats, bags, dresses, pants, and so much more!
  • HASSLE-FREE: The Easy-Fix Clip Zippers require no tools or work at all. You don't need any sewing materials whatsoever—just clip it on and it's ready to go!




  • Measurement: 1.42/1.34/1.10" (3.6/3.4/2.8 cm)
  • Material: stainless steel




  • 6 x Easy-Fix Clip Zippers