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Colorful Childproof Locks


Mischievous kids and pets always getting into your closets and drawers?

This will make sure no unwanted accidents happen!



We understand how easy it is for your children, pets and house to get messy when closets and drawers aren't secured. That's why we cannot recommend the Colorful Childproof Locks enoughprevent any unwanted visitors from getting messy or injured by locking your closets and drawers today!




  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Colorful Childproof Locks come with tight-grip, adhesive stickers on the back that you simply stick onto a clean and smooth surface. You could also use something much stronger like super glue if you want the extra strength.
  • EASY TO USE: For the drawer locks, simply pull off the tab on one end and remove the strap from the hook. For the closet locks, it's as simple as unhooking one end! It's that easy to open and close!
  • SAFE: We know how curious small infants and children can bethey just love to explore and get their hands on anything! These Colorful Childproof Locks prevent them from getting injured by ensuring that they can't get into your closets or drawers. 
  • STURDY: No amount of pulling and tugging can get these locks loose! Rest assured that they will be reliable when it comes to keeping your closets and drawers secure.




  • 10 x Colorful Childproof Locks


  • Measurement

  • Material: plastic, silicone