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Colorful Cable Clip


Say goodbye to cords and cables lying all helter-skelter!

These small and colorful buttons will organize your wires right up!

The Colorful Cable Clipis a wire holder that you can place anywhere around your house to hold your cables in place. It can be used for chargers, earphones, electrical plugs, and other cords that are just laying around. This helps you organize your wires so you can prevent yourself from injury and prevent the wires from damage.




  • ORGANIZING: Keep track of all your cords and cables with the Colorful Cable Clip. These cute clips come in a variety of colors so you can classify your cords appropriately. Say goodbye to tangles, too! You can evenly spread out your cords and cables so they don't get tangled with one another.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply remove the sticker from the back of the product and stick it wherever. Installment is as easy as that! It also holds tightly so it won't fall off easily.
  • PREVENTIVE: It's easy to trip over your cords and cables when they are all over the floor. Avoid serious injuries by keeping your cords and cables out of harm's way. This is especially important for households with children, elderly people, and pets that can easily get hurt.
  • VERSATILE: This doesn't just hold cords and cables. It can also be used for other thin objects like toothbrushes! As long as your item fits within the product's maximum width of 0.24 in (0.6 cm), the Colorful Cable Clip should work.




  • 1 x Colorful Cable Clip


  • Measurement: 1.13 x 0.63" (2.87 x 1.60 cm)
  • Material: silicone