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Carbonated Water Maker

Carbonated Water Maker

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If you're a fan of sparkly and fizzy drinks, then keep on reading!

You're definitely going to want to try this out!


The Carbonated Water Maker is a handy kitchen gadget that converts water (or even juice or tea) into carbonated drinks! A little touch of CO2 certainly never hurt anyone, and it definitely adds in a bit of a kick to your beverages. Create your homemade blend of fizzy drinks that are more budget-friendly and healthier.

The device is quite compact and easy to clean so it won't take up too much space on your counter top. Say goodbye to plastic bottles forever with this more eco-friendly device. Not only do you do your part for the environment, but you also get refreshing drinks!


  • CONVENIENT: Make your own carbonated drinks in the comfort of your own home! It is a much better alternative than buying carbonated drinks as it is much healthier with no added sugars or preservatives. You also get to save money!
  • VERSATILE: You can make lots of different drinks with the Carbonated Water Maker! You can make juices, cocktails, tea, lemonade, and so much more. You can also add in ingredients to spruce those drinks up!
  • SAFE: Made of non-toxic, odorless, and food-grade materials, the Carbonated Water Maker makes drinks that are completely safe for you and your family to consume.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Parts of the Carbonated Water Maker can be easily be assembled and disassembled for faster clean-up. Please remember to clean every once in a while to prevent blockage and prolong service life!


  • 1 x Carbonated Water Maker
  • 1 x CO2 cylinder
  • 2 x water bottle
  • 1 x dust cover


  • Measurement: 16.9 x 7.8 x 4.7" (43 x 19.7 x 12 cm)
  • Material: PET, ABS
  • Weight: 97.7 oz (2.79 kg)
  • Volume
    • Small: 16.91 oz (0.5 L)
    • Large: 33.81 oz (1 L)