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Butterfly Shoe Inserts


Are your shoes killing you?

Wish they were a little more comfortable?



Your feet are going to love these Butterfly Shoe Inserts. They're cushioned foam pads you stick on the inside of your shoes to protect your ankles from injury and ensure that your feet stay inside your shoes. Any pair of shoes can be the perfect pair with these Butterfly Shoe Inserts!




  • PAIN RELIEF: We know how irritating shoes can be on your feet. Some of them have the tendency to dig into the back of your ankles and injure you! The Butterfly Shoe Inserts act like a barrier between your feet and your shoes so you can wear them comfortably all day. No more pain and no more aches.
  • ANTI-SLIP: Did you know these Butterfly Shoe Inserts can also prevent your feet from slipping and sliding around your shoes? If you've got big shoes to fill, the Butterfly Shoe Inserts can act as a sort of stabilizer. No longer will your shoes fall off!
  • COMFORTABLE: Not only are these shoe inserts cute, they're also very comfortable. They're made of a dense foam that cushions your feet. It will not feel irritating to the skin at all.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Each pair of the Butterfly Shoe Inserts has a sticker you stick to the back of your shoes with. This will ensure that it stays place. Simply clean your shoes with some alcohol and make sure that it's dry before sticking them on where you think they should go. It's that easy!
  • VERSATILE: Sneakers? Pumps? Flats? The Butterfly Shoe Inserts fit in all of them! They are very versatile and fit in a variety of shoes, so feel to free to switch around your shoes whenever you feel like it.




  • 3 x Butterfly Shoe Inserts (pair)


  • Measurement

  • Material: foam, sweat cloth