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Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra


Want support for your girls but don't want to wear a bra?

This is something any girl would love to have!



The Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra is an adhesive and reusable bra tape that you can wear instead of the conventional bra. Simply stick it on to your breasts and lift them as high as you wantthe Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra is more than capable of lifting and supporting your breasts in a much more comfortable and breathable manner!




  • COMFORTABLE: We know how uncomfortable bras can get with the underwires poking your ribs and the bra straps irritating the skin on your shoulders. The Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra has none of the bad sides but all of the good sides of wearing a regular bra!
  • WATERPROOF: No need to worry about oily or sweaty skin. The Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra is incredibly sticky and will hold on to your skin throughout the day.
  • SEAMLESS AND INVISIBLE: No seams here! This product will not be visible through your clothes at all. It's also pretty invisible, so feel free to rock plunging necklines and backless tops with the Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra!
  • EASY TO WASH: A simple hand wash and an air-dry after use will suffice. Don't worry, the sticky side will become sticky again after it has dried.




  • 1x Bunny Invisible Lift-Up Bra


  • Material: polyester + silicone
  • Sizes:
    • S/M:3.15" (8 cm)
    • L/XL:3.94" (10 cm)
    • 2XL:5.12" (13 cm)
    • 3XL:6.10" (15.5 cm)