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Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad
Bath Massage Pad

Bath Massage Pad

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🚿 Relax while cleaning your whole body! 🚿

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 It's a real hassle cleaning hard to reach parts of our body, which includes our back & feet. They require a huge amount of effort to be washed thoroughly, like bending, stretching & scrubbing meticulously. This means that most people ignore these extra steps, which leads to a lack of proper body hygiene & contributes to the awful odor that we naturally produce, especially for the feet! 

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 This Bath Massage Pad promotes proper foot hygiene by answering these problems! Its soft-rubber bristles & strong suction cups ensure that we can scrub & clean hard-to-reach body parts easily all the while helps us to relax!

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  • Soft Rubber Scrubs: It's made of very soft-bristle spikes that deeply cleanse dirt pores or dead skin cells from your skin, making it easy to clean your whole body dirt-free!

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  • Safe & Environmental-friendly: It's made of natural & non-toxic silicone material that would not harm your skin from consistent scrubbing.

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  • Multipurpose: It includes strong, non-slip suction cups that you can install even in the walls of your shower area, making it easy to wash & massage your back as well as your feet! You can also clean the other parts of your body as well like your arms & shoulder for a complete scrub down!

Silicone Bath Massage Cushion Brush Anti-slip for La...

  • Easy to Clean: Its soft, rubbery texture means that you can just spray it with your shower head, and the dirt or dead skin cells it acquired from your body will easily come off!

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  • Helps Circulate Blood Flow: The massaging properties of its 1,000 soft rubber bristles not only relaxes your muscles, but it also assists the blood circulation of your body as well!

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  • Material: Non-toxic TPR
  • Size: 12.21 inches diameter
  • Thickness: 1 inch
  • Color: Blue / Pink
  • Weight: 4.94 oz

Package Includes:

  • 1x Bath Massage Pad